Hair removal and bathing never looked so good. Combing durable, yet gentle, silicone grooming teeth with an eco-friendly polymer shell, the Strip Hair Animal Hair Brush gives your pet the cleanse it needs. Simply place a dollop of your favorite animal cleanser in the diamond center of the teeth, begin to scrub your animal, and watch the tool go to work. Suitable for both cats and dogs, the unique diamond teeth and functional pattern remove both loose hair and dirt in an easy, ergonomic fashion. Looking to remove unwanted hair from upholstery? Simply pull the fabric tab to remove the supplemental upholstery tool to pull away any loose hair from your favorite chair, couch, or even your clothes.


When the targeted user can only meow or ruff, obtaining relevant product feedback can be as tough as herding cats. Through the use of prototyping and design iteration, our team of designers was able to quickly work through what worked best from both a form and function standpoint. Not only is the tool required to groom and bathe the animal, but also feel good in the hand during use. A unique blend of materials, both polymers and fabric based, provide this tool the function it requires without sacrificing its approachable look.