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Enduro Shoe

A Shoe With Personality

Performance. Ergonomics. Style. These are key focuses in footwear design, and each require the utmost level of attention. Nail them all, and you get a shoe that feels incredible and performs even better. In sports, footwear performance is paramount. But that doesn’t mean your shoes can’t look good as well. Tailored to the requirements of athletic activity, STEL meets the needs of athletes in many sports with attention to the highest level of detail and flawless execution in the realization of design.

Where To Next?

These all-terrain mountain biking shoes can tackle any trail. The asymmetric upper provides protection from debris and seals out the elements. The core materials offer ankle and foot support, with integrated welded armor for protection in the harshest downhill and jumping conditions. Integrating BOA technology buckles deliver a snug fit everytime without the worry of extraneous laces or latches to catch on your gear.

Design Processes

Construction, material, styling, fits, proportions; design of the STL Biking Shoe has key attributes that are intricately dependent upon each other. The use of sketching, color blocking, logo & texture application through Adobe Illustrator allows the design team to work through iterations quickly. Not only are these exercises vital for the concept development process, but the 2D representations of the design are also used in the product sampling stages through tech-pack development.