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Soft Goods Design

Progressive materials and innovative construction techniques along with relevant & purposeful solutions are part of STEL’s design approach to enhance durability, reliability and performance in final goods. The Polaris accessory line was complemented by this backpack that integrates into other tactical accessories items such as the Polaris Knife and Polaris Axe.

Design Detail

Understanding what items are being carried by the consumer and where they’re being stored in the pack is an effective method to understand which construction best suits a targeted user group. From hidden pockets, protective padding, and shoulder strap supports; this pack supplied all features that required keen attention to detail. This pocket was specially designed to be water resistant, and have
a padded compartment that keeps your computer or tablet dry and safe.


Sometimes there are special use cases where features are not common and need to be designed from the ground up. This specialty backpack serves as a long arms carrier compatible with rifles, shotguns, and bows. It also has a detachable top pocket that can be attached to a removable belt for carrying essentials on short expeditions.

Manufacturer Documentation

Techpacks are essential when communicating with the factory. The technical drawings below callout construction of the pack, how to assemble features, and selection of materials & hardware that all require proper sourcing. This guiding document is necessary in the prototyping phase for a backpack to be executed and brought to market.