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Apple Watch Case

Premium Protection In A Sleek Package

Platinum D3O Apple Watch Case redefines protection. Utilizing proprietary D30 impact protection materials, your Apple Watch is ready to go anywhere. The clear TPU body protects from bumps and scratches, while the D3O absorbs impact energy, all without sacrificing style. Your wrist is sure to stand out with the Platinum D3O Apple Watch Case.

Redefining Device Protection

Combining advanced, custom shock-absorbing materials with a thin, lightweight form, the Platinum D3O Apple Watch Case redefines device protection. Sporting non-slip features and textures, you can breathe easier knowing this case was designed to help your watch withstand drops from up to 6 feet.

Retail Experience

A successful product doesn’t stop at the unit itself – in fact, it doesn’t even begin there. As store shelves are saturated with competition, consumers rely on packaging to tell a story and provide a truly enjoyable retail experience. This box tells a story that has the consumer wanting more.