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Bluetooth Speaker

Elegance For The Eyes and Ears

Delivering beautiful sound in a sleek package, the Platinum Bluetooth Speaker is the portable solution for music lovers. Designed for the exclusive BestBuy brand Platinum, this product is tailored to the elegant tech market. Combining a blend of advanced polymers and rubbers to achieve a unique external style, the product carries a minimalist feel without sacrificing sound quality, performance, and reliable construction.

Premium Sound

Using Bluetooth 2.0, pair virtually any device leveraging short-range wireless data exchange. Designed with the on-the-go mentality of the user in mind, enjoy premium performance in a sleek, easy-to-transport package with large side facing power and volume buttons for easy control for your on-the-go tunes. Whether you are using Bluetooth or the AUX-in port for hard-wired connectivity, enjoy your music for hours with the long-lasting on board MicroUSB powered rechargable battery.