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Wireless Charger

Say Hello To Olbii

Say goodbye to wires. The Olbii charger is a discreet alternative to bulky wireless chargers. The small, soft landing pad for your phone packs a punch with ultra-fast charging times for a wide range of devices. Whether it’s on your nightstand, work desk, or in the living room, Olbii is designed to seamlessly fit into any space.

USB-A Adapter

This enables compatibility between USB-C and USB-A ports so that the Olbii can adapt to older versions of laptops and other mobile devices.

1.5 Meter Extension Cable

The Olbii can be plugged into another wall source of power using the 1.5M extension cable so you can take your charger from your workstation to your nightstand or other various locations when necessary.

Green Initiative

Olbii is a brand dedicated to changing the way we think about products in relation to our surrounding environment. That’s why the material for this charger is repurposed from the trash polluting our oceans. Olbii commits to sustainable technology by making smarter giving decisions and collaborating with networks to deliver innovative environmental solutions.