Delivering a unique, modern approach to the rapidly emerging wireless headphone space was accomplished through the use of technical fabrics, precision lines and finishes, and advanced techniques with logo and button application. These headphones are meant to compliment the user’s style, worn as a head-turning accessory that brings a fresh approach to blending tech with style. Rock out in style during your commute, at the office, or wherever your jams take you in these stylish Olbii Bluetooth Headphones.


A fresh twist to wireless headphones requires a keen sense of detail and proportions, coupled with a unique approach to material and finish selection. Bringing the design full-circle, from hand sketching to packaging, ensures the design story is consistent throughout the brand experience. With so much emphasis on the crisp elements of the product itself, it is imperative that the packaging allows the product to stand in all it’s glory. Using clear vinyl with printed lettering, the product itself jumps at the user compared to traditional techniques of using the packaging to create this draw.