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One Device to Charge Them All

NOMAD’s Wireless Charging Hub is the ultimate power solution. With wireless charging atop the base and four additional ports beneath, this hub safely distributes power to five devices at once. STEL makes it a point to foresee arising tech trends to design products that will accommodate present and future devices. Wire charging options are discreetly packed into a durable polycarbonate core to meet the charging demands of future devices.

Industrial Design, Engineering, Sourcing & Production

Designed with manufacturing in mind

All of NOMAD’s chargers purposefully share similar design characteristics. The STEL team executed this intentional overlap in design for economical tooling, inventory costs, and part supply chain management. This key manufacturing foresight has permitted minimal implementation of additional custom parts for cost-efficient production.


Clear, informative packaging was crucial to explain the new technology of NOMAD’s Wireless Charging Hub to consumers for retail and online sales. Renderings, iconography, and small snippets of text were used in packaging this project to highlight its main feature—wireless charging capabilities coupled with a clean, efficient cable management system.

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