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Wireless Charging Hub

Wireless Technology Is Now

In order to stay on the cutting edge of consumer technology, the Wireless Charging Hub integrates wireless quick charge technology and a cable management system to support other wired devices. Discreetly packed into the durable polycarbonate core, the “brains” of this product supports four USB-A devices and the fast charging pad is conveniently located beneath the top surface. This is a true modern charging management system made for any suitable work area, night stand, or countertop.

The Future of Wireless Charging

Being acutely aware of tech trends is critical when designing for the leading industries. With a keen understanding of voltage, current, and charge type requirements for the most popular devices in the consumer electronics space, STEL ensures products are designed with the most relevant technology processes. The Nomad Wireless Charging Hub does just this by not only supporting fast charging capabilities but also wired in connections to meet the charging standards of those devices not already apart of the wireless world.

Design For Manufacturing

There are strikingly similar design characteristics between the Nomad Charging Hub and the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub. Our design team did this intentionally for a couple reasons, one being to maintain a consistent design aesthetic within the product line as well as manufacturing reasons. In order to be economical in tooling, inventory costs, and part supply chain management, many of the parts are the same between the products. Having manufacturing foresight, this was intentional, only having to implement minimal additional custom parts to complete the Wireless Charging Hub.

Web & Retail Experience

Creating a clear, cohesive language that is informative to the products purpose is critical for success both at the retail level as well as online packaging. This is especially true for the Nomad Wireless Hub in that a new technology and its purpose needs to be conveyed to the consumer. Through the use of renderings, iconography, and small snippets of text, the packaging for this project highlights its main feature set; wireless charging capabilities coupled with a clean, efficient cable management system.