We designed these wallets to feel premium and minimal. Choose between a simple wallet for your cards or one that also charges your phone. Don’t worry about hassling with a cable anymore, as the convenience of a small cable in your wallet is unimaginable.


The Leather Wallet series is made with Horween Leather that is manufactured in a tannery located in Chicago, IL. Offering a wide range of options, the Slim Wallet is the classic designed for the minimalist. The Battery Wallet – comes in two sizes: slim or bi-fold – and is modern update to the classic leather wallet. It discreetly holds a full iPhone X charge for a charged needed ‘on-the-go’.


These wallets are built with authentic leather from the Horween Leather Company of Chicago. Established in 1905, and still operating today as it did over a century ago, Horween is revered for their traditional tanning techniques. The vegetable-tanning methods used to produce these hides results in a rugged, yet beautiful leather that develops a rich patina as it matures through use.