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Beautifully Simple

Stand for Apple Watch is a minimalist, honest charging stand that seamlessly integrates the included charging cable. Designed to give your watch an elevated charging experience, whether at your desk or by your bedside, Stand is built from a solid piece of extruded, aircraft grade, precision milled aluminum.

A Sturdy Design

The machined cable routing channel sits discreetly on Stand’s backside, creating a hidden passageway for your Apple Watch charging cable. Hidden above the non-slip, high friction rubber footing lies a solid chunk of copper for added ballast; at over three times the density of aluminum, this copper base keeps Stand confidently tethered to the surface.

Designed To Last

NOMAD Stand is precision extruded, CNC’d, and bent to deliver a robust functional solution to cable management for you Apple Watch Puck. Made from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum, NOMAD Stand has a hardened anodized finish to withstand scratches and dings, maintaining a sleek finish. To ensure stability during use, a weighted base with a rubber non-slip bottom is added to the bottom for increased ballast.

01 Extrude

Beginning with an extruded oval-like blank cut to length ensures repeatability between mass production runs.

02 CNC

Next, pockets are cut to secure the apple watch puck as well as retrain the weight based to extra stability.

03 Bend

A repeatable bending operation is then used to give the product a clean, smooth design feel.

04 CNC

Lastly, to ensure your cable fits every time, a precision 5-axis CNC machine puts the final touches and added cable groove.