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Rugged Cable Line

Longer, Better Cables

Do you like hanging out a foot or two from the nearest outlet? Neither do we. Do you enjoy using a frayed cable that has exposed wires? Sounds like a bad idea to us, too. That’s why we helped Nomad create a family of ultra-rugged, extended length cables to meet your every need. With military-grade materials for ultimate strength and abrasion resistance, these cables are the last you’ll ever need. Using tangle-resistant construction and an integrated cable management system, makes these an easy and frustration-free cable for daily use.

Charge On The Go

The Ultra-Rugged Series was built with convenience in mind. With a 2,350mAh battery built right into the cord, Battery Cable provides a full charge when you’re on the go. When plugged in, it intelligently charges your phone before the on-board-battery, and includes a status light to indicate the battery charge level.

Universal Cable reduces the clutter in your bag by providing a MicroUSB, Lightning, and USB-C charging options in a single package; no matter the device make and port type, charge and sync it with this single cable. Simply attach your desired plug end using on the integrated on products adapters and enjoy the convenience of multi-port connections all within a single product.

An Ultra-Rugged Family

Why are these cables “ultra-” rugged? Because they sport a weaved 1000D ballistic nylon wrap, a double-thick PVC insulation jacket, reinforced RF shielding, a Kevlar fiber core, and extra-thick gauge wire. Per U.S. Military Specifications, these cables are certified to 10,000+ flexions. They’d make a better jump rope than your jump rope.

Web Design

With a continual increasing e-commerce marketplace, online sales are just as important as retail ones. That’s why we helped Nomad develop a new website, catering to customers on a personal level. Offering more than a strictly sale- focused site, the new online platform focuses on user experience and sensible design. It highlights the Nomad brand’s lifestyle roots, with content focusing on real people using their products out in the wild. Through careful typography study and layout design, the result is a easily navigable and approachable design that stands out from other online retailers.