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Carbon Case

Thin and Strong: The Best of Both Worlds

The NOMAD Carbon Case. So thin, yet so strong—it’s a feat of modern engineering. Built with proprietary Carbon MD-6™ composite and lined with a TPU bumper, Carbon Case is extremely lightweight. Each case has a unique, smooth finish to provide sturdy protection and a slick grip.

Industrial Design

The Carbon Case is guided by principles of thin and light design. Clean transitions in finish texture with subtle aesthetic features keep this case sleek and classy. That’s not to say it can’t get down and dirty; the Carbon Case provides protection on par with the best in the business.

Carbon Powered

By using long-shred carbon fiber cast in a polyamide polymer matrix, the Carbon Case affords 6ft drop protection in a lightweight package that weighs under 26g and is just 1.3mm thick. The stochastic nature of the material ensures Qi Wireless and Apple AirPower are compatible with the unique final product.