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Nomad – Base Station Pro

Aira’s FreePower™

NOMAD’s Base Station Pro has enabled freedom of position for the first time in a wireless charger; up to three devices can be placed in any order and any orientation for a rapid power boost. The Base Station Pro uses Aira’s FreePower™ technology to provide unparalleled flexibility in the form of wireless charging. An 18-coil matrix lies beneath a seamless surface for an effortless charging experience.

Industrial Design, Engineering, Sourcing & Production

Engineering and Prototyping

The cutting-edge technology of NOMAD’s Base Station Pro is kept inside durable aluminum housing and beneath a padded leather surface blend to blend durability with comfort. 

Technical Features

Aria’s FreePower™ algorithm rapidly locates devices to distribute dynamic power that charges up to three devices at once. Derived from the Qi Standard, Aira’s FreePower™ is compatible with any Qi-enabled device.

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