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Moby Roll

Personal Electric Vehicle

The Next Generation of Mobility

Revolutionizing the personal electric vehicle market, Moby Roll provides users an exciting, economical alternative to traditional mobility. The intuitive lean controls and dynamic stabilization creates a seamless ride, mimicking that of snowboarding. Replicating the heel and toe turn fluidity of snowboarding, any surface is your playground with the extra grippy centralized tire and hub motor. You will be sure to shred in style with the Moby Roll.

From Sketch To Reality

Critical to the success of the project through mass-market adoption, a design vernacular that resonates with a variety of user-groups is a must. Appealing to the modern-age commuter and lifestyle adventurer, a variety of conceptual models were sketched and further refined to serve as concepts to refine for future development. Engineering mechanics were also considered such as definition of the unique feature set, construction, and usability. Through careful reviews and refinement, concepts were gradually narrows until a final look was achieved.

Peak Performance

Uphill or down, day or night, the Moby Roll is equipped for it all. With smart self-balancing technology, a 500 watt hub motor and integrated LED lights, any surface is your playground. Powered by an array of Lithium batteries, enjoy the excitement of 12 mph top speed and range of 7.5 miles per charge.

User Interface Design

Conveniently located charging port and power button gets you charged and riding sooner. Rubber foot pads provide plenty of grip and handle is discreetly located on the side for easy carrying between rides.


Standardized hardware allows users to easily remove the front and rear skid plates and tire mud guard. This modular design permits customization of accessories and quick part replacement.

Bullet Proof Mechanics

As a reliable mode of transportation the Moby Roll is no exception when it comes to performing under static and dynamic loads. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize construction and mechanical reliability, our team of engineers arrived at a cost-effect solution to withstand static loads of great than 250 lbs and dynamic loading on the order of 600+ lbs in certain areas. Whether it be carving a tight turn or hopping a curb, the Moby Roll is engineered to withstand even the most demanding use cases.

Max Torque

Driven by a 500 watt brushless hub motor, this revolutionary drive system utilizes rare earth magnets and internal gearing to deliver smooth power and on demand torque in an efficient package

The Brains

Efficiently positioned inside the board and protected from the elements are the control and battery modules, LED arrays, and sensors: connected with strategically routed and weatherproofed wiring.

Retail Experience

As an innovative and dynamic mobility solution, the Moby Roll demands equal attention to detail in retail packaging. White sampling and construction methodology guided our design team to provide an ergonomic and informative solution for delivering the product. The packaging design comes full-circle with graphics and callouts educating users of the feature set and performance contained within.