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Luno Life

Branding & Product Design

For The Road Now Traveled

Luno Life creates gear to enable a lifestyle on the road. Built on exploration and innovation, the Luno team works to enable adventurers to chase wherever the weekend takes them.  Luno Life would like everyone to experience the freedom that comes with life on the road, but with the safety and convenience that a car has to offer. Its products are designed with convenience in mind so that users can get outside and make the most of every sunset.

More Than A Mattress

Luno Life is a movement in the way people travel. Its products are meant to encourage everyone to chase each sunset and summit every peak. This pursuit of endless adventure is evident as the principle is echoed through Luno Life’s carefully-curated digital and social media presence. Strategic branding and marketing foster a consistent storyline of exploration across every touchpoint of the brand.

From Sketch To Retail

Every design starts with a great idea. Luno Life’s products begin with a travel need and an idea for an innovative solution. From there, STEL expands upon a simple sketch to meticulously workshop every possible design iteration to reach a final product that is ready for the road.

Signature Air Mattress

A puncture-resistant inflatable air mattress that is customizable based on car make and model to ensure a perfect fit.


A durable organizer with eight compartments, a mesh side pocket, and a detachable front pocket for maximized storage of every travel essential.

Ambient Lights

Five meters of rechargeable lights with three different modes and adjustable suction cups for easy set-up.