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Jackal Jaw – JX1

Jackal Jaw JX1

Created by lacrosse players for lacrosse players, Jackal Jaw has set a new standard of innovation. Unlike any product on the market, Jackal Jaw steps outside the bounds of antiquated helmet straps to offer a new patented technology–prioritizing player comfort, protection, and performance.

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Developed for the Next Generation of Lacrosse Players

From initial design, to manufacturing, final production, and branding curation, STEL worked alongside Jackal Jaw to create a brand and product for lacrosse players of the future. With the intention of producing a piece equipment which would provide unmatched comfort and uncompromising protection, they created a product to further enhance a player’s performance on the field: the JX1.

The JX1 now gives athletes the option of the modern jaw strap with increased comfort, protection, and performance. Comparable to no other product, the JX1 is on-field and lab tested, featuring an anatomical, lightweight, and breathable design. The JX1 provides players with a full range of motion as well as enhanced stability of the helmet itself.

The JX1 Difference

Built to augment greater play on the field, the JX1 is the first of its kind–combining ergonomics and modern protection with comfort technology. It’s utilization of advanced, hybridized materials allows the JX1 to withstand hit after hit without compromising the structural integrity or form fit of the product.

Another key essential to the JX1 is the hypoallergenic material used. It works to repel bacteria build-up that is known to cause odor and skin irritation in jaw straps currently in the market. These materials were carefully selected to ensure ease of cleaning, while also providing durability and maximizing longevity that is needed while on the lacrosse field.

Form Fitting Design

Using our contoured design to prioritize comfort, players can now form fit their helmet properly without restriction. The JX1’s flex zone allows for better on-field communication, helmet alignment, and a more locked-in feel.

Specialized Protection

Built to absorb force from direct impact to the jawline, the JX1 padding system–in tandem with the impact–offers dual-layer protection. Our hinge-system allows for flexible adjustment of jaw pads to fit all facial structures.


This is Jackal Jaw

Branding for Jackal Jaw was created with the intention to keep lacrosse players in mind. It needed to be comfortable, casual, and current. Inspired by futurism, the rounder inner edges on the mark coupled with the rounded finished on the word mark typeface creates an advanced yet comfortable feeling to the brand’s name.

The Jackal Jaw brand color palette was chosen to create a clean, advanced, bold brand. These colors create personality for branded material, and are used consistently to maintain a cohesive Jackal Jaw image.

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