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G1 Glider

Industrial Design

Inboard partnered with STEL to re-imagine the future of lightweight electric vehicles from the ground up. Crafted with premium components and a dedication to attention to detail, the Glider guarantees a smooth, safe, and fun ride every time.

Concept Development

The Glider began with contextual inquiries that were developed through iterative design and ideation. The design process was then conceptualized with critical thinking across teams to work through various concepts that highlighted features to accommodate various user groups and selected demographics.

UI/UX Design

A focus on an unobtrusive design is evident as the handlebar features a modest battery indicator to not distract while on the move. An aluminum throttle adds a touch of luxury to this smart scooter.

Advanced Polymers

A forged composite frame provides lightweight maneuverability without compromising structural integrity. Engineered with performance hybrid-polymer blends, aircraft-grade aluminum, and magnesium alloys, the Glider is meticulously engineered from start to finish.

Design For Manufacturing

The Inboard Glider redefines affordable transportation in style by delivering a top-of-the-line performance vehicle at an attainable consumer price point. Every component of this scooter is meticulously compiled for manufacturing to deliver a reliable, functional package. No detail was spared as the Glider was expertly crafted to maintain premium aesthetics in a manufacturable package.

Retail Experience

Whether it’s on store shelves or shipped directly to consumers, the Inboard Glider provides an ideal and safe solution for all commuters.

App Design

Seeing the experience through to completion, STEL worked alongside Inboard’s developers to create a seamless experience from ride to results. The app keeps every scooter at peak performance, helps make user usage more efficient, and ensures riders are safe and secure wherever the road takes them.