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Designing Where Photography Couldn’t

Post acquisition by Google, Fitbit needed a visual design team that had the capability, precision, and creativity to digitally render an existing product for marketing efforts with a new, much broader audience. This visual design team would have to take a real, tangible product and digitize it, so Fitbit could market it in unique ways you simply couldn’t do with photography.

The STEL team was tasked with not only rendering for Fitbit’s product needs, but meeting the
parent brand’s visual standards. Both brands had their own massive audiences and markets, so
STEL needed to create visuals that made an existing product line feel innovative and new, yet exactly the same.

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Balancing Innovation
with Consistency

The STEL team needed to maintain every element of the product that the users love while staying within both brand identities. Through a coloring and rendering process that would be an exact imitation of what Fitbit had become known for, these renders could be used alongside the tangible product in any marketing implementation.

Down to the Details

STEL created its renders based off Fitbit’s physical reference samples to ensure accuracy from the start and through the feedback process. In addition to these, Fitbit requested the composition of carousel and 360 turntable renders to show the product digitally at any angle. CGI allowed use to create a seamless loop of images for consumers to examine every detail of the tracker.

The final renders are digital mirror-images of the product, able to be manipulated to the needs of Fitbit’s marketing teams.

Fitbit maintains a relationship with STEL to continue designing top-of-the-line renders for their upcoming product lines.

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