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EDEC – offgrid™ faraday bags

Military-Strength Signal Blocking Bags for Everyday Devices

From the smallest key fob to the most advanced forensics equipment, EDEC’s Faraday bags provide premium signal-blocking defense for every mobile device. EDEC’s Off Grid™ line integrates military-grade security features into sleek and durable high-tech designs to grant peace of mind when it comes to personal and professional data. Off Grid™ bags make advanced data protection accessible to everyone so they may guard themselves against unpermitted invasion—because the best offense is a good defense.

Industrial Design, Engineering, Sourcing & Production, Web Development, Brand Strategy

Technical Features

EDEC’s newest Off Grid™ bags include sleek designs with stitchless, thermo-welded seams and a new single-fold velcro closure that is backed by a magnetic closure. The magnetic closure creates a continuous closed loop of Faraday protection to eliminate any gaps that can be infiltrated by invasive signals. 

Website Development

STEL’s partnership with EDEC extends far beyond product design. Both teams worked together to carefully curate EDEC’s brand image to appeal to everyday tech users. EDEC’s online presence now perfectly intersects the interests of both market consumers and professional forensic companies. STEL also fine-tuned mobile and desktop designs for the EDEC website to achieve maximum accessibility.

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