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BUNKER – goTenna Range Extender Case (REC)

Optimizing On-Body Equipment

In the field, frontline workers and military personnel depend on reliable equipment that won’t inhibit their work. When Bunker saw an opportunity to optimize goTenna’s on-body mounting equipment, they utilized STEL’s combined design and engineering talent to create a more efficient, secure mounting system that user’s could rely on without a second thought. By accessing an integrated, multi-disciplined product design team, STEL and Bunker not only created a more sound mounting solution, but more than doubled the goTenna signal reach simultaneously.

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Rugged Design
on a Timeline

When creating a custom product specifically for military users, stability, durability, and ruggedness inform every design decision. Bunker and STEL were challenged to create a product that met all of goTenna’s needs and more, all while maintaining a rapid feedback and iteration cycle.

Designing for
Thoughtless Use

Bunker collaborated with STEL’s creative product team to design an equally lightweight and durable mounting system for the goTenna that would withstand all environments reliably. Our teams aimed to design a product that required no thought for the user, so they could focus on what matters most.  

Meeting Needs
in Real Time

Bunker and STEL’s highly collaborative partnership allows for thoughtful, thorough concepting that yield a new level of innovation on a quick timeline. The initial project scope focused solely on creating a case to hold an antenna and protect it from environmental damage. With every concept iteration and prototype review, the client proposed new needs to be met, like reducing in-case friction, continuously expanding the scope and the product’s potential. By considering inter-team, client, partner, and user-testing feedback, every iteration presented an innovative and functional solution that surpassed client expectations.

Surpassing the Scope

Through these iteration cycles, STEL’s team began to see an opportunity to design beyond antenna stability on user’s equipment. This case and mounting solution not only created ease of use and technology protection, but the case itself could be engineered to extend the antenna signal’s range twice as far, with no interference to the existing technology. The final design solution was a product of highly innovative thinkers, continuous multifaceted feedback, and a curiosity for pushing each prototype further than the last.

Multi-Faceted Reliability

Bunker’s solution included a Range Extending Case, and accompanying Charging Tether, and a Radial Spline Clip to attach to MOLLE, a belt or a strap. This robust mounting solution was designed with MIL-STD drop and impact protection, and is compatible with duty, tactical, and civilian belts and straps.

Compatible for All Users

The system is adjustable to be customized to the operator’s preference, uses quick-release for optimal accessibility, and includes  secure dual-latch retention for goTenna stability and locked in charging tether protection. For ease of integration, Bunker and STEL designed this case to accommodate all of goTenna’s existing product line.

STEL and Bunker delivered a technologically advanced solution to goTenna, enabling in-field reliability and efficiency like never before.

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