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From Concept to Market


The STEL team utilizes their comprehensive understanding of every facet of design and development to create innovative solutions to bring an idea to life. This wisdom is paired with a practical knowledge of production processes to offer unparalleled design service.

What We Do

Industrial Design

Our Industrial Design team takes pride in being acutely aware of design trends to connect target audiences with next-generation products. An exceptional command of modeling software and the ability to execute advanced surfacing enables our Industrial Design department to create innovative products that foster lasting impressions and unique brand experiences.


Our engineers have the ability to develop functional and economical solutions due to their in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and their applications. Whether integrating off-the-shelf technologies or designing fully custom solutions from the ground up, our Engineering team is constantly innovating.

3D Modeling

Our Industrial Designers and Engineers apply their extensive knowledge of prototyping processes, materials, and technologies to validate designs. STEL’s prototyping provides valuable product insight to minimize performance risks and optimize usability while staying on time and on budget.

Sourcing & Production

STEL’s Engineers and Industrial Designers consider manufacturing technologies and assembly construction from the initial phases of design so that products are economical and efficient to manufacture. Their intimate knowledge of manufacturing processes allows them to effectively communicate with suppliers and factories, both domestic and abroad, for perfect execution during production.

Our Process

  • Phase 1

    Research & Analysis

    In order to establish a solid foundation for design, we begin by understanding your competitors, existing products, and emerging technologies.

    • Insight & Business Modeling
    • Brand-To-Market Strategy
    • Product Roadmap
    • Design Guidelines
  • Phase 2

    Concept Development

    Designers generate multiple preliminary concepts with a focus on form, proportion, and technical details.

    • Form, Function, & Key Features
    • Color – Material – Finish – Graphics (cmfg)
    • Ideation & 3d Modeling
    • User Experience Design
    • Photo-Realistic Rendering
  • Phase 3


    The team fine-tunes parts for high-volume production; this includes tailoring part-specific CMFG (Color-Material-Finish-Graphics) and manufacturing processes and evaluating design details at various tooling phases.

    • Mechanical & Electrical Design
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Master Modeling
    • Design For Manufacturing
    • Technical Drawings
  • Phase 4

    Sourcing & Support

    All members support mass production and ensure design intent is satisfied by maintaining appropriate documentation and a master CAD database.

    • Product Sourcing
    • Packaging Sourcing
    • Factory Communication
    • Master Cad Files
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