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Marrying Brand and Consumer


Every interaction between a brand and its audience is an opportunity to deliver. STEL cares about more than simply creating one-off products. We design your brand from the ground up, working closely with your team to ensure that your brand is perfect at every touchpoint.

What We Do

Brand Strategy and Identity

Our team uses market research and competitor analyses to generate winning strategies for your brand’s language, design elements, and positioning to reach maximum market potential.

Video Production and Motion Graphics

We use video and motion graphics to tell the story behind every product. Whether you need to explain a product, create a video ad, or create a brand anthem, we'll work to communicate effectively with consumers.

Content and Messaging

We produce core messages that can be applied to all angles of your marketing material to so your brand will tell a consistent story across every point of interaction.

Marketing Material

Consider us your go-to creative team. We can plan, write, and design any aspect of your marketing force so that your brand always puts its best foot forward.

Our Process

  • Phase 1


    It’s all about a solid foundation to build upon. We begin by learning about your industry and competitive landscape. Then, we determine what it takes to make your brand the best in the business.

    • Team Workshops
    • Competitor Analysis
  • Phase 2


    With the end goal always in mind, we design your brand identity and visual presence to reinforce your brand’s core principles.

    • Logo
    • Color Palette
    • Typography
    • Key Graphics
    • Core Messaging
    • Brand Guidelines
  • Phase 3


    We apply your new brand principles to existing content to create a consistent theme across all marketing, digital, and physical manifestations of your business.

    • Sales And Marketing Material
    • Social Media
    • Business Cards
    • Stationary
    • Signage And More
  • Phase 4


    Your brand is a labor of love that you can trust us to safe keep. We will act as your on-demand creative partners to support you in
    branding and beyond as you pursue your design dream.

    • Marketing Materials
    • Video Production And Motion Graphics
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Development
    • Copywriting
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