Situated in an industrial business park, STEL is surrounded by a diverse group of fabricators, creators, and makers. The Santa Barbara community is an ideal setting for the STEL studio, situated amongst creative companies and innovative entrepreneurs. Just a few minutes drive from many local clients, our studio is a perfect place for face-to-face collaboration.


Brilliant ideas aren’t developed and finalized by an individual. It takes a team diverse in knowledge and expertise to take a design, critically assess, and collaborate to improve it. At STEL, this process happens continually; from sketch to model to prototype, we’re constantly engaged in constructive discourse both internally and externally to deliver the best design possible.


Promoting design freedom and expression is essential to employee satisfaction. Just as important is a healthy company culture that encourages team building and quality of life. STEL encourages its members to enjoy what they love doing. Whether it’s rock climbing, mountain biking, running, or beach activities, we feel it’s important to take advantage of what we have here in our backyard.


Our inspiration is driven from life in the outdoors. By donating 1% of all revenue to One Percent for the Planet, we’re actively promoting positive environmental change. We joined 1% For The Planet to give back and donate to non-profits that support good causes across the globe.


To find out more about joining us in this mission, visit One Percent for the Planet here and contribute to a cause that gives back. Visit our profile to see who we support along the way.


STEL works with a diverse set of clientele consisting of large corporations, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs alike. We’ve built extensive history with a multitude of brands across many industries, and our team has the passion, experience, and adaptability to translate ideas into successful real-world products.


In addition to online marketplaces, many of STEL’s designs can be found in the following retail stores:


At STEL, we encourage our creatives to take advantage of all that Santa Barbara has to offer. By exercising our hobbies and practicing active lifestyles in the most beautiful of environments, we are able to approach problems with focus and purpose to develop practical, meaningful designs.