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3D printing with in-house machinery and industry-leading processes,
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Since 2015, 3D printing and prototyping have been integral to everything we do at STEL. With over 50 years of combined experience, let us put your idea in the palm of your hand.

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Our Capabilities

In House Machinery

We’re an internationally approved supplier with in-house capabilities to create impactful designs on a limited budget. Together, we can execute your concept through world-class machinery, printing resources, and proprietary processes.


Stratasys F170

Another FDM model and our most powerful inhouse machine, the Stratasys is an extremely reliable printer that can print using engineering-grade materials and dissolvable supports for more design flexibility.


Formlabs Form 2 & 3

These SLA printers use a laser to cure liquid resin, creating high tolerances that allow us to produce finely detailed prototypes very quickly. With both flexible and rigid resin, this printer is ideal for highly specific printing needs on a tight timeline.

Our Capabilities

External Resources

As a team that’s been in the 3D printing industry for more than 50 years combined, we have connections around the globe that extend our network of resources and supplies outside our studio. If your project has special requirements or nontraditional techniques, we have the ability to make it happen.



Ideal for high-resolution finishes on medium to large projects, SLA is a cost-effective way to get a durable, aesthetically pleasing prototype on a tight deadline. Outsourced SLA prints allow for more fine detail and a larger material selection.


Selective Laser Sintering

This powder-based additive is great for detailed projects that involve a high level of complexity, organic geometries, and parts that need to be durable.


Multi Jet Fusion

MJF is quickly becoming the go-to choice for prototypes and production parts—enclosures, electronic housings, ducts, lattice structures, and parts that require great detail and durability.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting

This process uses a vacuum to fill a mold, giving the designer an air-free solution for details, undercuts, and wire/fiber reinforcement. Vacuum casting is the closest prototyping solution to a final injection molded production part, with the most accurate materials possible.

CNC Machining & Sheet Metal

CNC Machining & Sheet Metal

As opposed to 3D printing, CNC machining gives us the flexibility to execute your design using sheet metal through highly detailed and repeatable work to build your print. This is one of the most efficient ways to prototype with metal.

Finishing Services

Finishing Services

To round out your prototype or production material, we can achieve high-quality finishes through painting, electrochemical processes, protective coatings, and more.

Our Capabilities

Programs & Skills

No tool or machine is as important as the mind behind it. As a product design firm, we rely heavily on rapid prototyping for development. We’re experts in 3D printing and consistently are at the cutting edge of its burgeoning technology. We’re highly trained in CAD software and a variety of 3D printing slicing software to achieve a high level of detail and precision for your project.


Prototype Ideation & Refinement

We can help you hone your idea with the process in mind, giving input on the CAD model, printer, and materials based on your budget and goals.


The Right
Printer & Material

Through our experience in product design, we can help you make the most of your print by strategizing the project based on your goals— prototyping, sizing, color, durability, etc.


Precise & Polished Final Product

Once the idea and printing strategy is set, we can use our 50+ years of combined experience to refine CAD models for optimal printing and execute detailed perfection.

Our Team

Meet the Engineers

We’re not just a 3D printing team. We’re a team of creatives and big thinkers, who use 3D printing as a tool to execute impactful concepts. With experience across mechanical engineering, industrial design, product strategy, manufacturing, and more—we have a passion for creating and bringing big things to life.

Your Capabilities

Types of Projects

STEL 3D Labs sits in the heart of our Santa Barbara product design studio. We’re using our printing capabilities day in and day out for rapid prototyping, user testing, and quality assurance. Whether you need a simple, well executed 3D print or a highly detailed product prototype, we’re equipped and experienced in both.

3D Prints

Individual 3D Prints

Whether you need knowledge and instruction, or simply access to machinery, we have full capabilities to make your CAD file a reality, develop prototypes, or to fill small production gaps.

Product Design

Prototyping for Product Design

3D printing has revolutionized prototyping for product development. We collaborate with clients to create rapid iterations for user testing, sizing, and general concept validation.

2M Parts Produced

300+ Products Prototyped

20+ Manufacturing Partners

With expert in house engineers and product designers, we’re passionate about bringing impactful, local concepts to life. All it takes is your idea.

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